Monday, May 31, 2010

American Dreamsicle: The Sketch Revue Show!

If you're in the Philadelphia area, we've got a show that I'm producing/ acting/ and helped wrote.

Here's the information.

Off-Color Theatre Company presents Color-By-Numbers, its new sketch troupe's, inaugural show "American Dreamsicle".

What’s the American Dream to you? Is it having the freedom to elect a black president? Is it the freedom to own an Ipad, Ipod, Iphone, and Imac, even though the country is in a 3 trillion dollar debt? Or is it simply the freedom to enjoy two pieces of cheese and two pieces of bacon, sandwiched between two pieces of chicken? “The American Dreamsicle: A Sketch Revue Show” explores the American dream through America’s greatest resource, it’s people. From ordinary American families, to your average working pants salesman, and even to Lee Greenwood himself, this show will make you proud to be an American, or at least make you a little less upset about the whole oil spill thing. "

Andrew Tardif
David Schwartzbaum
Greg Nix
Lyndsay Hart
Nick Fragale
Sarah Cowdery

Mark Jesse Swanson

Stage Manager
Anya Anthony

What is Color-By Numbers?

Color-By-Numbers is Off-Color Theatre Company’s official sketch troupe. They perform themed sketch revues all over Philadelphia. Each performance is uniquely different, linked together through a common theme and packed with all different types of humor like satire, musical, toilet humor, and the occasional awkward glance. Sketches are changed and replaced often based on the audience’s reaction, so no show is ever the same. If you don’t enjoy Off-Color’s show, we won’t give you your money back, but we’ll be sure to apologize for wasting your time.

Come check out this show! Only ten dollars!

This show is presented by Off-Color Theatre Company, for more information, become a fan!/OffColorTheatreCompany?ref=ts
or email us at

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