Saturday, September 5, 2009


Hey blog readers and fans.
Just updating you on the show I head wrote and am in " Bailout! The Live Action sitcom". We just opened and the show is very funny.
you can purchase by contacting us, a season pass for $20.00. The season pass allows you to see all 6 episodes as many times as they are shown for only 20.00. That's a possible viewing of 12 performances , 6 different episodes, over 5 hours of my brilliant comedy for only 20 dollars. Contact me at offcolortheatrecompany! for the season pass. You can buy single tickets at the door or online at
Here's the show's schedule.

Episode 1 - 7PM Fri. 9/4/09, 7PM Mon. 9/7/09

Episode 2 - 9PM Mon. 9/7/09, 7PM Thurs. 9/10/09

Episode 3 - 9PM Thu. 9/10, 7PM Sun. 9/13/09

Episode 4 - 9PM Sun. 9/13/09, 7PM Wed. 9/16/09

Episode 5 - 9PM Wed. 9/16/09, 5PM Sat. 9/19/09

Episode 6 - 7PM Sat. 9/19/09, 9PM Sat/ 9/19/09

Please come see the show if you live in or near Philadelphia!!
It's only 5 dollars!

It's at the Arts Bank Cabaret at 601 S Broad Street, right on the corner of broad and south!

Check out my company's website
and if you got more money, donate to us so we can produce more comedy in the city.

Come see Bailout! Don't miss out!!