Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Off-Color Theatre Company/ Fundraising letter

Though usually this blog is just about my attempts at comedy, today I have some exciting news.
As you all know, if you read this blog, I dropped out of school last semester to pursue comedy...and my first step toward achieving success is officially underway.
I have started a theatre company...The Off-Color Theatre company here, where I live, Philadelphia. It is a theatre company that performs different, quirky, audience engaged comedy in the city. It's all about making people laugh. Our website is up and it's
Check the website out, I wrote all of the content for it.
Our first show is called "Bailout! The Live Action Sitcom" I am the head writer of the project and an actor in it and can tell you it's very funny. If you like what I do on this website, you'll like the show, if you don't like what I do on this site...three other writers helped me write it, so you'll like it anyway.
Under me is the fundraising letter we sent out to everyone we knew.
Read it...if you are in Philadelphia, make sure to come see the show and buy tickets (they will be available in a couple weeks) if you have any money to spare and want to help out a comedian who is trying to bring good comedy to the world...go to the website and donate via paypal or check.
My hope is to be doing this for a long time...
Anyway, here is the fundraising letter, and I promise after that we'll be back to my stupid, angry jokes.
Thanks guys,
David Schwartzbaum

Dear Friends,

Let’s face it; the world is going down the toilet. The economy has hit rock bottom, the job market is tanking, there is turmoil in the Middle East (but when was there not?) and the worst travesty, by far: Starbucks is no longer making decaf coffee after 12 noon. As you’re reading this, you might be saying to yourself, “Yes David, that is true, but what can I do? How can I stop American culture from spiraling into oblivion?”!
There is a solution! In difficult times you’ve got to laugh. When there are troubles, hardships, or just annoyances in our lives, we must turn to humor. The only true way to raise the human spirit is to make each other laugh. The Off-Color Theatre Company has been founded on this principal and we are asking for your support.

The Off-Color Theatre Company is dedicated to:

Providing opportunities to young and talented artists to learn and explore the evolution of comedy in the Philadelphia area.

Engaging the audience in theatre,making them part of the comedy experience from inception to performance

Educating and entertain through the exploration of theatre that is progressive and unique using all different mediums of comedy.

Our crew has already played to a few packed houses and proved that our lofty goals can be achieved. Now we need your help to bring comedy and laughter—in all its forms—to everyone in the Philadelphia area.

Come be part of a new and revolutionary theatre company as an official Savior Of Comedy. We understand it’s a tough time to give money. Any contributions, large or small, can make a big difference and we will warmly welcome you into the Off Color Theatre family. Plus, to thank you for your generosity, Saviors Of Comedy benefactors will be featured in our programs as well as special offers on tickets (or not if you’d like to remain anonymous).

We have set up a PayPal account where you can easily and safely give money to the cause. Simply click here to donate now at our website! On the website you'll find information about our first show and the upcoming season, links to donate using paypal, suggested donation amounts, and hopefully some material that will make you giggle.

If you would like to send a check, make it out to Off Color Comedy Theatre c/o and mail it to:

Off-Color Theatre Company
PO BOX 22553
Philadelphia, PA 19110

Feel free to contact us at with any questions, clever puns or catch up on old times.


David Schwartzbaum
Mark Jesse Swanson

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