Wednesday, June 10, 2009

People hate Jews! SURPRISE! ok....and???

I've got to tell you. I don't understand the huluhbuhloo about the shooting at the holocaust memorial museum today. Someone tried to walk into a museum to kill people, couldn't so killed a security guard, and then security immediately responded and shot the crazy dude...ok? Now, it sucks when someone is murdered, especially a security guard who is supposed to protect us...but isn't that his job? Like...doesn't he sign up for this when he gets the job? Like, one of the symptoms of Valtrex is Diharrea, one of the symptoms of working security at a very sensitive place is death! It just is! It's still tragic and unnecessary..but hes a security guard! Thank god we had the other security guard there, in the same danger as the other guy to kill the guy.

NOW, I'm not discounting the situation. Someone died, someone tried to get into the holocaust memorial in DC and kill that...but he didn't. This wasn't some brilliant Al-Queida plot! This was a crazy, 88 year old white supremicist who wanted to kill some kikes before he died! That's it! AND he didn't get to do it! That's the irony! He's looking down from heaven, or up from hell or sideways from pergatory and going "DAMMIT!" and shaking his white supremacist fist (cause the white fist is their symbol).

People are saying "oh this is a wake-up call. You see. The Jews are still targets"...well no shit sherlock. A WAKE UP CALL? When was Anti-semitism asleep? Was I in a coma the last 2500 years? I don't need a crazy white supremicist to shoot someone at the Holocaust memorial to remind myself (as a Jew) that people hate us. Forget that 60 years ago was the Holocaust (but never forget...hehe) We have groups like Hezbollah, Hamas, RIGHT NOW, which were started on one foundation...destruction of Jews! (it's kind of a compliment when you think about it.) Go on facebook, search'll get more anti-israel groups, events than pro ones. Type in Holocaust...plenty of holocaust denying groups, events. What does Achmadinijad think of the Jews? Kimberly Jon Ill? I don't think they likes us very much. You would have to be absolutely retarded not to know people hate the Jews on this planet. You'd need to be deaf, dumb, blind and stupid to not realize there's antisemitism on this planet. Many Europeans blame the Jews for the financial crisis! So, excuse me if I don't cringe with fear when one crazy old guy tries to kill some Jews! Over 30 Jews have died this year in Israel from terrorist attacks, couple weeks ago people were arrested for trying to blow up a synogauge...IN NEW YORK (no press coverage on that), hundreds injured in pakistan in a terrorist attack this week...but ONE CRAZY DUDE Killing one security guard is news? Why?

The big talk now is this homeland security report that Obama got that " warned against anti-semetic violence". WHERE? America? Israel? Ethiopia? Russia? Germany? Poland? Brazil? Venezuela? Dominican Republic? All places that in the last hundred years there's been anti-semitic attacks and more!? Give me a break! What did you want Obama to do? Put metal detectors at the museum...wait there were...bag checks? Also there! Have security stop the guy from getting in? IT SUCCEDED!! That's exactly what was there!
He was warned against anti-semetic this month's homeland security report said be warned about anti-semetic attacks...and I bet you EVERY SINGLE FUCKING HOMELAND SECURITY REPORT FOR THE LAST 10 YEARS HAS SAID THE SAME SHIT! It's not even typed's a stamp at the bottom of the report..."Oh...don't forget...people are going to try and kill Jews this month.

People hate Jews! That's how it is! Whether they have good reason or not, as sure as the sun rising, and shia Lebouf being a douchebag, people hate Jews! It's just what it is! They always will! So, why is this some surprise. Yes, it was on very sacred land...the holocaust Memorial in the U.S... but, so what? That should be expected! You think terrorists would rather blow up a house or a synogauge? The holocaust museum or the Kosher bakery? Come on!

What I'm trying to say is...this is not a reminder...this attack is not a new wave of me it seems to be ONE CRAZY 88 year old man who like another billion people on this planet hate the Jews. So, no...I'm not reminded of anything, I'm not scared for more attacks...because I know more attacks will be they have for 3,000 years!

To was a success...a man tried to kill out of hate and failed. I thank and praise the security guard who died today...I wish he didn't. I wish we didn't have sick fucks like this white supremacist ass hole on this planet.but we do...and the security guard did his job...protecting the sanctity of the site. Wish he didn't have to die to do it...but life isn't fucking fair.

People hate Jews. People want to and like to kill Jews.
SURPRISE EVERYBODY! While you sit huddled and scared, I'm going to get a bagel.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sweet Carradine Oh Oh Oh. (and George Tiller)

Oh scares the shit out of us all doesn't it? But it will happen...oh yes it will. Put down your's gonna happen The sweet, sweet delight of death will happen sooner rather than later...for others it happened this week. I'm talking about two great men who died this week David Carradine and George Tiller...two very different men, who died in very different ways, but shoud be remembered just the heroes.
Let's talk about David Carradine. I didn't know him very well...sure I saw him in "Kill Bill" but either than that...I'm 19...I didn't know any of the other shit he did. So, why do I consider him a hero? Well, the police are going around, they are looking to see if this was a suicide, an accidental suicide or whatever...but we all know what it is. My boy David Carradine was in Thailand! He was 72 years old! He tied a rope around his dick and his neck to get himself hard, probably with a hooker in the apartment, and tied it too hard. Some men, get horny through a loss of oxygen...and hey...don't's just as weird as getting your ass hole tickled...which you can lie about, but we all like it. This man died, exactly how every man wants to die...horny. Most people, when they die, they aren't mid-orgasm...they are old, weak, unhealthy. This guy Carradine was probably hard as a fucking rock! I mean, he had to be with those ropes around his genitals! If this was a suicide, he only decided to kill himself at that moment because he thought "this is EXACTLY how I want to die." Now, some people think we shouldn't think of Carradine like some guy who likes to exphixiate himself to get off...but at 72...what other options do you have? The guy wanted to get his rocks off, god bless wound up killing him...but hey is there a more noble cause to die for than trying to orgasm? I don't think so. "How'd this guy die?" "He was trying to get a boner". It is all understood.
God bless David Carradine. I mean it. Here is a man who knew what he liked, and what he liked was a loop around his balls.

On the completely opposite side of the spectrum is Geoge Tiller. My man. He was one of the few doctors left in the country who performed late term abortions and then raped the fetuses (ok I made the raping part up). This guy didn't give a SHIT. Everyone knows how I feel about abortion (if you don't check out the abortion blog below somewhere) I'm for it. I think we got too many whiny brats on the planet as it is..if we can kill them before they cry, so be it. People always argue with me and they say "David what if you were aborted" I usually respond "I'd be in a much happier place right now." Or I respond "Yeah...but we also could have aborted Hitler." Just think about it...Anyway, I'm pro abortion, we all get this, so I really believe what Tiller did was noble. He used to always preach that women know what they want with their bodies...makes fucking sense to me. I don't understand the whole "god's plan" arguement with abortion too...maybe it was god's plan to give us free will, to give us the choice to abort the baby! I mean, couldn't the baby's purpose be to be aborted? Like... I know some crazy fucking Jews who think that Hitler's purpose was to help the Jews get a state in Israel. So, if God is crazy enough to murder 6 million Jews just so the Jews can have some land, don't you think that he's crazy enough to let Jimmy abort one baby so he uses a condom next time? Seems like a good life lesson to me...use a condom or kill a baby...most will choose to use a I'll enjoy the sex more knowing I could possibly be killing a baby at the end of it.
I don't know...this poor man George Tiller...shot in the head, at his church nonetheless! Even Satan is looking up and going, "shit...that's just not right." At least wait till he's in his car! Until the services are over! If god likes to be prayed to, and likes these massive churches we're building for him, you think he wants you to interrupt his service with slaughter? This isn't 100 B.C. We're not sacrificing animals anymore. I just don't understand certain religious's not ok to "murder" a fetus, but it's totally ok to blow a hole into a middle-aged man's skull? HUH? WHAT? That's like saying it's not ok to jack off, but it's ok if you jack off on a hooker's face since she's sinning anwyay.

Two people died this week...Both died for doing what they loved...Getting off and giving abortions. I could not think of two men I am more proud of. I think if you were to combine their deaths into one epic death, you would get the greatest death ever...Imagine dying mid-orgasm while giving a late term abortion...a dream come true. I can only hope my death is that fantastic, and that some fat 19 year old can make fun of it only a couple days after I die.
RIP David Carradine
and enjoy Hell George Tiller...I'll see you soon. Maybe we can get a cup of coffee and talk about how boring this year's NBA finals is going to be.